The college building consist of required classrooms well furnished Laboratories and Resource centers, Excellent Library, Equipped Auditorium and spacious play ground. The entire campus with green trees and crotons.

The campus is approachable to road, washrooms are provided separately for male and female and tiled flooring, maintained hygienically the entire campus is provided with compound wall which ensure the safety of Student’s Teachers and faculties.

Class Rooms

Fabulous visual experiences are provided in our classrooms to make the teaching learning process interesting and our classrooms are frequently updated to ensure the availability of recent technologies evolved for the teaching profession

Laboratory and Resource Centers

Student Teachers are able to foster their knowledge in the Lab and resource centers.

ICT Resource Center

The ICT Resource center will provide virtual science and technology labs, document services, desktop publishing, internet access, basic ICT training, and digital library. Virtual labs will feature demonstrations, videos, video training, and audio books. Computers on LAN, printer, overhead projector, slide projector, LCD, television, radio, tape recorder, CD Player, audio and video cassettes related to curriculum are available in this lab.

Psychology Resource Centre

This laboratory engages in the scientific study of human memory, Personality, achievement etc. There are many ways to study human traits. In our laboratory, we conduct experiments aimed at investigating various tests such as intelligence tests, creativity tests, sentence completion test, picture completion test, personality development test, concept achievement test, general classroom achievement test, memory. Mirror drawing, card scoring tray are available in the lab.

Curricular Resource Center

Learning resources center's general aim is to ensure learning educational suitable environment that allows learner benefit from any kind of learning resources. Educational resources are considered as most important element of the center, and without it the center cannot achieve its main role. Building and developing collections to be made according to specific policy, made and adapted in order to satisfy center's goals. This policy should ensure the building and development of integrated collection that can help and enrich educational curricula. The Work mechanism in learning resources centers requires following two methods and merging between them.

Benefiting from learning resources centers requires each teacher to implement one lesson weekly (or according to school classes number) in the learning resources center and to depend, in this lesson, mainly on group learning method (cooperative learning) .

In the second method, benefiting from learning resources centers does not require teacher to implement class lesson in learning resources center, but he has to follow up the same previous procedures, then allow the students to implement their projects referring to learning resources center outside the lesson time, and students to be given, in this case, more time to implement the project, then require do a presentation and discussion in the class.


A well equipped art & craft resource centre is established in college because canvas is the mode to express the inner feelings of students. It is said that color speak for themselves. Art is soul of life; creativity is cultured with opportunities extended to the students in many forms. All the possible facilities & opportunities are extended to our students to engrave their minds & creativity.


Automated library is a reservoir of knowledge for the Staff and student Teachers and quench their Knowledge thirst. The college has a large number of reference books stocked for the staff and students. Recently the college pursued back volumes of journals and contributed for current issues of important titles. For those who would require reprints, a photo copier and duplicate machines are available. The library is kept open from 8.30 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Health and Physical Education Resource Center

Physical Activity or Exercise is require for proper growth and development. The institution has to impart health related knowledge and also encourage Student’s teachers to use it in their life. The Resource center provide conducive environment for generating interest among student’s teacher for participating in health and physical Education activities.

First aid kids, charts and sports and games equipments available in the Resource center for their physical development.

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